We’ve worked out how much it costs to holiday at home

We've worked out how much it costs to holiday at home

We’ve worked out how much it costs for a family of four to holiday at home. Our calculations show that a one-week holiday would cost around 256 000 HUF for a family of four, but this figure does not include the value of the mother’s “invisible work”, estimated at 84 760 HUF.

Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown of costs.


One of the main advantages of a holiday at home is that you don’t have to pay for accommodation. However, you still have to take into account utility costs, which can amount to around 7000 HUF per week.


Driving is more convenient and cost-effective than using public transport, but parking charges can be a significant expense, totalling at least 10 000 HUF per week. The total cost of transport, including petrol and parking, amounts to around HUF 17 000 per week.

Food and drink

As the family will be cooking at home, they estimate that they will have to spend about 30 000 HUF on food per week. However, they have also included the cost of catering, which can add up quickly. They estimated that they would spend an additional HUF 70 000 (about USD 250) on meals outside the home during the week.


The family has planned a number of activities for the week, including a beach day, playhouse day, story theatre day, circus day, cinema day, beach day at Lake Balaton and amusement park day. The total cost of these activities, including admission and meals, was around 220 000 HUF for the week.

Invisible work

An often overlooked aspect of holidays is the value of the ‘invisible work’ involved in planning and organising a holiday. In this case, the mother estimated that her efforts were worth about 84 760 forints (about 300 USD) for the week.

Total cost

When all these expenses are added up, the total cost of the family’s holiday is 341 000 forints for the week. This includes all expenses related to accommodation, transport, food and drink, activities and the value of the mother’s invisible work.

If we do go on holiday

Let’s see what this money could be used for if we decided to spend it on a four-star holiday.
According to the offer of the Club Tihany Resort in Balaton on 29 April, we can book 7 days and 6 nights in June for 255 thousand HUF for the family in the hotel. With half board, which means breakfast and dinner for four of us.

And what you get for that:
– seven days out of seven on the hotel’s 500-metre private beach;
– The 55-metre-long, 5-metre-high water slide is promised as an experience alongside the beach. A hot tub, sauna and indoor swimming pool complete the wellness offer. Animators keep the children occupied all day long (skill contests, creative animation, dance, sports, etc.);
– 3 circus shows a week. The programme includes a fire juggling show, an artists’ show and a magic show on the hotel stage at dinner time;
– an animator every day of the holiday, who can take part in a variety of arts and crafts activities in the Kinderklub, even without parental supervision, depending on the age of the children;
– a story theatre, a mini disco and a princess costume concert are also part of the permanent weekly repertoire;
– a cinema as a rainy day programme, with family quizzes and board games

Additional costs

This sounds very reasonable for 255,000 HUF, compared to our calculations for a local holiday. But even here we still have to do the maths. If you are travelling from Budapest, you have to add travel costs, which adds 32 000 HUF to your expenses, and then there is the weekly parking fee, which totals 7 000 HUF. As the half board does not include lunch, we need to be prepared for this as well. Calculated at 10 000 HUF per day, our 4-star family holiday on the Tihanyi-félsziget would come to 364 000 HUF.

It’s better to plan ahead

If we understand how hotel pricing works, we can cut costs. Like many hotels in Hungary and around the world, Club Tihany Resort has dynamic pricing. That means constantly changing prices. This means that prices can vary depending on the hotel’s occupancy and the season’s highlights, as well as the time between booking and holiday.

Everyone should be well

So, the end result of our calculations is that it is indeed cheaper not to go on holiday, but it is nowhere near “much cheaper”, it is just a question of what we expect to get for our money. A family of four who got out of the house and maybe everyone could take a breather, or a heroic pair of parents who organised super activities for their kids.

In case anyone has the cheek to miss the fact that I didn’t think of renting an apartment on Lake Balaton, I’ll tell you that I looked into it. I found a one-bedroom, self-catering apartment for 4 people on the south shore of Lake Balaton for 7 days and 6 nights at the end of June for 254,000 HUF. Here we would do much the same as at home, but in a different house, and for a lot more money.


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